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The Konnex App Store is the worlds first Open-Source Digitial Distrubution Platform that allows Ios, Android, Windows, and Konnex apps to be downloaded! Comparison of Ios App store vs. Google Play Store vs. Konnex App Store.
  • Ios App Store, $99 Annual Developer fee, 30% commision on all paid downloads
  • Google Play Store, $25 Annual Developer fee, 30% commision on all paid downloads.
  • Konnex App Store, $19.99 Annual Developer fee, 20% commision on all paid downloads.
  • We feature more creative ad space to display your apps and since we are a new platfrom you receive a 95% higher chance your app will be seen by more people on our platform than the others. Register today!

  • -Auran Shereef
    Founder, Konnex

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